We Offer

Neoshi Amusement & Gaming World is company which provide, Kings i.e. our Clients the best opportunity to have trending, technologically updated & Excellent Quality Rides, Gaming Machines, Motion Theaters, Inflatable, Adventure activity etc. We have team of professionals which would give our client the ultimate concepts & machines. Be a trend setter not follower.

    1. Best & prompt after sale service.
    2. Guidance & assistance if required any time, even after the warranty period.
    3. Spare Parts from Our Company, so no need to search market.
    4. Refilling material from Our Company such as bubble oil, smoke oil etc. for motion Theaters. No worry.
    5. Every update of new & trending technology from Our Company.
    6. New trends & techniques to attract customers.


    Our Company gives you the opportunity to build a new Business of Amusement/Gaming Zone/Adventure city Water Park & Water Joy and 12D Motion Theaters. Don’t take franchisee of other you create your own Brand name & be a Franchisee provider. This is Business which gives a smile on face of Visitor. Visitors are happy by enjoying in park or gaming zone which is first aim of every Business i.e. Customer Satisfaction. ROI i.e. return on investment made is the other thing which comes to mind of Businessman, so here is the best & high returns as everyone knows it is the entertainment industry which is growing as now a days people are more stress, thus they require enjoyment that is what we give.

    Benefits :

    1. Best Business with full of entertainment,
    2. Franchisee provider not taker,
    3. High return on capital i.e. high ROI,
    4. In India people say “Earnings earned by making people happy sticks with you for too long & grows” So it is the earnings which visitors give happily thus you get blessings with earnings.
    5. Complete knowledge & Guidance from our experts.
    6. Our Company has done R & D in this field, thus clients get benefit of knowledge, trending technology & assurance of Business.
    7. Client would too become professional in said line with help of our experts & professionals.
    8. Complete Design & layout of park, zone etc. from our engineers.
    9. Complete control system for Amusement/Gaming/Food Court/12D Theaters, System of RFID cards/band i.e. beneficial for cash less at each counter. It gives transparency and complete control with less staff.

    1. Our Company has very unique concepts which would be very new and attractive to the visitors.
    2. For eg. Water Joy Theater for resorts & water park owners, which is 12D Theater with complete water effects as water ride, Inflatable water park etc..
    3. Very new & trendy gaming machines, Inflatable games for every age and suitable to small as well as large organizations.
    4. Our Company can provide a Business partner for Resorts/Hotels etc which would be your partner in Gaming/Adventure Zone or 9D/12D Theaters.

    1. Our Company can be a Business partner of your company or can provide you other Business Partners for setting up completely new games or new concepts in existing parks.
    2. All contracts would be mutually agreed, contracts such as lease contract, partnership contract for new Rides, 12D Theaters, Gaming zone etc.
    3. The Contracts could be on sales revenue sharing basis/profit sharing basis/rental basis etc. as mutually agreed for particular activity.