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NEOSHI AMUSEMENT & GAMING WORLD provides Amusement rides, Gaming Machines, Inflatable, Adventure activities & Water joy 12D Theaters. We are Professionals in said field with a great team of Engineers, Designers, Architects, Techies and Chartered Accountants. We provide you with complete assistance from all aspects such as designing of site, Trending technology, accounting aspects as earnings on capital i.e. ROI etc. We are one stop solution for Amusement park, Gaming Zones, Water Parks & Water Joy & 12D

We are updated to going on trend & technology in Entertainment Industry with very unique & trending products some of which are Time in India. We have every unique concept for every recreational industry such as Hotels, Resorts, Amusement Park and Water Park etc. We would get the much updated technology & quality machines with unique concepts which are very enjoyed by visitors and which visitors would enjoy for 1st it. We provide a Business which put Smile on face of people & People give you your earnings which would last long.